Oceana Coffee

Established in 2009 by Amy and Scott Angelo, Oceana brews specialty coffees that have been roasted in small batches at its Roasting House and Café in Tequesta.
Scotty Angelo never planned on getting into the coffee roasting business – he just wanted a decent cup of joe. After moving to Jupiter, FL with his wife Amy, he couldn’t find any local brews similar to the style he loved in his native Australia, so he decided to try roasting his own.

He bought a $35 popcorn maker off of eBay and converted it into a coffee roasting machine. The resulting coffee was a resounding success, not just with Scotty but with his wife Amy and their friends and family as well! Scotty realized he was onto something and began experimenting with roasting bigger and better batches. And so Oceana Coffee was born.

WEBSITE : Oceana Coffee

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